Monday, June 17, 2013

Can you handle more graffiti?

Because if you can't, that's okay.  Regardless, I'll be riding around on Friday,  July 19th looking at notable urban art.  Hartford has amazing graffiti, if you know where to look. Following the train tracks yesterday I stumbled across these hidden gems.  Unfortunately the works shown below won't be on the bike ride, as the extended length of sketchy, rough train tracks would be punishing.  That said, the ride may include some short segments of train tracks and off road riding.  Fat tires will be appreciated, and spare tubes / patch kits invaluable.

The informal bicycle wander will meet and end at Heaven, a well used and dynamic legal graffiti zone just north of downtown Hartford on Main Street.  Meeting at 6:30PM and shoving off by 7PM.  Brendan is working with folks to get a skate park built at heaven to complement the existing vibe and give the kids something to do.  After the ride I'll be heading over to Sully's for Past\\Forward.

Disclaimer - This is not an organized ride.  In fact I guarantee that it will be very disorganized.  I'm not sure how far I'll be riding, but expect to be back at Heaven 1-2 hours from when I shove off.   There is no cue sheet, and I don't plan on watching out for your safety.  If for some reason you choose to ride around and look at graffiti, it is of your own free will and you are assuming the risks inherent in riding your bike on roads, various terrains, around other vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians.

If you missed it, I've heard there is an Alley Cat planned for June 22nd.

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