Thursday, June 13, 2013

Social Lives

I used to go out a lot. I'd go to events, I'd go to bars, I'd go to parties and I'd go to other things. Then, I started riding a bike a lot more frequently. Since then, I've realized I don't make new friends who don't ride bikes. I try, but the problem comes when it comes to mutual activities. I like to drink beers with the best of them, but I find that I like to do so early, because I usually go to bed on the early side.

Last night for example, Johanna wanted to watch some throne game show. I find that show to be tedious. Instead of going to the bar or calling up my friends to do that. I decided to go on an extreme urban awesome ride trickfest* to blur lines between being 13 and 30.

I've kept my old friends from before I became a bike weirdo, although I almost lost one when I took him on a ride in Vermont a few weeks ago.

* I rode down some stairs.


Jon said...

I can relate. You get in with a cycling devotee crowd and it's easy to find all free time consumed by riding, thinking about riding, and talking about riding. And reading bike blogs.

Sometimes I wonder if this cycling-heavy lifestyle is corrosive. I make excellent friends, have great adventures, and feel better than ever because of cycling. I suppose one can maintain and grow existing non-cycling relationships, make an effort to branch out with the occasional social/cultural experiences, and life should be pleasant and satisfying. So far so good.

Tony C said...

Hmmm. I think one problem is that not enough folks ride in Hartford metro. When I lived in Chambana, it seemed like everyone worth knowing rode a bike at least a little bit, like to the coffee shop or bar. The needle is moving, but not quickly.

Also you may be riding too much. There are plenty of folks in Hartford and more events than one can shake a stick at. Perhaps you should create a thin Facebook profile to stay more abreast of the awesome goings on. Did you know that there is a La Paloma slam on April 26th because the doors will be closing once again? Organized on the evil FB. Although evil, FB is a current social norm and useful tool. Just have to be cognizant of the underlying corporate evilness, like any other product we use or service we subscribe to.

Come out Friday! Movie in Bushnell Park.

Brendan said...

I'm totally aware of what's going on with respect to Hartford events. It's that I choose generally not to go to them anymore.

You mean June 26.

I actually think there are fewer people and fewer bike things than there were five years ago. Even if you look at the beat bike blog, it seems like the six months were just reports of going to the bar or somebody's backyard.

Brendan said...

To Jon's point, regarding corrosiveness of cycling- I totally agreed. My better half is not a big rider of bikes and sometimes disappearing for most of a weekend can put on strain on things.

We hike, though.

dario said...

No need to wonder, Jon, about whether or not "this cycling-heavy lifestyle is corrosive". It certainly is, if you take every chance you get to pile on the miles! When you "train", you become obsessed, ignore other activities and non-cycling friends, and it becomes an emotional crutch, especially if you're fit and good at it. And please don't tell me that "non-racers" don't train. They do, more than some racers who have family obligations, a demanding job, etc... who have to be judicious in their training.