Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ski time is back

We got a bunch of snow. Maybe you noticed it. Before the old year switched to the new one, I ventured out to Salem's house in the storm for some skiing. The ride was pretty damn snowy, but not too bad. However, my power steering was making a weird noise.

We skied Manchester environs and had a great time. It was my first time on skis in awhile and I was a bit wobbly. I fell down pretty early into the randonĂ©e. I noticed my pocket was unzipped, checked my keys and  zipped up the pocket. We skied around for awhile, though I had a nagging stickiness to my skis. We got back and were surprised how much snow had fallen. At this point, you've probably realized that I was foreshadowing by mentioned by pockets and keys.

Since I don't drive much and have one of those big car keys, I don't attach it to my house key chain. This has worked just fine for many years. Yet, when I fell it seems that the car key fell out, but not the jingly keys. I had an epiphany about them falling out after that first spill about five minutes too late, but the section of the driveway where I fell had just been plowed when I went to search.

So, I called my dad, who knew about spare keys and he came the next day after I slept on Salem's couch. Then, I discovered I had no power steering.

Johanna and I went to Washington, DC to look at Ai Wei Wei and eat homemade (restaurant-made) noodles, dumplings and oysters.

Today, I went skiing again on Cedar Mountain. It's a great place to ski, albeit rocky. I think I needed one more inch of snow. However, the snow that was there was powdery and quick. Too bad much half of it had been decimated by snowmobiles. Snow machines?

This was kuh-ray-Z! I went up to this tree that had "DEER ->" spay painted on it and there were deer where it was pointing. Cedar Mountain is a weird, weird place.

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