Thursday, December 27, 2012


I pride myself on being able to cook eggs in all styles. I've decided to apply that theory to pedals. When you start with bikes, you start with flat pedals. Then, you move on to clips and straps, which seem pretty good for a long time. But, all the good people ride clipless and you eventually switch. This is especially true if you start racing.

I've decided to start regressing and riding flats, because they're the poached eggs of pedals.


Tony C said...

And yer toes stay warmer. Big bonus. Poached toes.

adventure! said...

And you can wear whatever damn shoe you want, too.
Double big bonus.
(I'm a scrambled eggs man myself.)

Anonymous said...

Flat pedals with toe clips rule

dario said...

Brendan has come back over to the dark side, finally!