Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bikes, skis, whatever.

Haven't given up the bike yet this winter.  During the recent winter storm I thought it would be a swell idea to put on the studded tires and ride uphill (and into the wind) to East Granby.  Does anyone else think its ridiculous that the Weather Channel is now naming winter storms?  For those that haven't used studded tires - they are awesome!  A bit slower on clear roads, and noisy, but they keep the rubber side down when it gets slippery out there.  I've been on some 700x35 Nokian Hakkapellita's for the last couple of winters on my Kona commuter.  They are a bit narrower, and therefore cut down to pavement rather than float.

An odd thing happened on my way out to East Granby.  Not many cars on the road.  It was a blizzard.  While churning up a gentle hill I was passed in the opposite direction by a large 4x4 truck.  Not odd yet, but then the fellow yelled out the open window, "You're an asshole!"  Confused.  I couldn't understand how being out riding in the snow made me an asshole.  Someone later explained to me that he probably meant "Idiot" but wasn't very good with words ya know.

Winter is also a nice time to go hiking.  We saw these very curious looking icicles hanging off a log.  The icicles look a bit like bell ringers or candles being dipped.  Anybody ever seen icicles like this before?

And just today I went cross country skiing, via bike.  You'll appreciate the very stable attachment of he skis.  Northwest Park in Windsor is very nice.  And they have rental skis for $10 if you didn't find your own on the curb last Spring.  Cross country skiing is nice sometimes, but definitely prefer biking.

Hey.  Almost forgot.  We're screening another bike movie at the Wadsworth Aetna Theater on Tuesday, February 5th.  The movie is Reveal the Path and you can get tickets ahead of time online.  We'll be socializing ahead of time at the Arch Street Tavern.


Kristen said...

It's me! You are brave one and if I didn't have children I think I may take up this crazy form of travel. Not so crazy, actually healthy, fun, and cost affective.

Chris Tetro said...

Looking forward to the 5th. Not looking forward to riding home alone back to Enfield in the evening.

Tony C said...

Chris - I'll ride you North a couple miles if you ride in. Hold me to it!

Anonymous said...

Now it's spring time!
Let's go ride a bike!