Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Eel Goes West

Thus far, The Eel has never gone west of Prospect Ave in Hartford. Today, things got real and went to the New Hartford. Have you been to that place? Independent grocers, a popular movement against satanic parks, summer camps, haunted summer camps and we didn't even go to the site of Salem's first cyclocross race.

We weren't thick in ranks, but I realized when I got home that it was a beat bike blog reunion of sorts. You had new faces like Tony, medium faces like Salem, old people like Ken and me, and then beat bike blog ghosts like El Presidente de Chine. Ken and Tony left early on business, Salem left in Simsbury because he lives in some obscure town east of the of the river. 

The route wasn't exactly how I planned it, but that's ok because no one actually knew what the real route was. There was some Newington meandering, then we went through the mall. We tested a non-existent short cut at the mall, that was a very small mistake, but seemingly a large source of derision. We did half of the stations of the cross. We went by Miss Porters. We went through Farmington's only park. We saw how water gets made. We ate sandwiches. We went above Ski Sundown. We went where Brendan learned how to mountain bike. We went home.

Tony took second two pictures, not me.

This is where the things went.

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