Sunday, December 23, 2012

Leaf blowing

I don't like leaf blowers to begin with. They're loud, unnecessary, fill the air with particulate matter and waste gas. A nice thing about riding in the woods vs. the road is that you get away from the things. Or so I thought.

Can anyone explain to me the new trend of mountain bikers leaf blowing trails? If you're so terrified of terrain why would you pick mountain biking as your recreational activity? It's bad for all sorts of rational reasons, but chiefly it's a concession that you're terrible.


Tony C said...

Wha? Leaf littered trails are more fun. Stupid boxed up, chain restaurant crap. Where did you see this?

Perhaps someone simply dropped their keys and went nuclear to find them?

Brendan said...

I've seen it everywhere lately except the reservoir. Too many cops to sneak in a leaf blower, though people sneak in chainsaws.

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