Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Whose streets? My streets!

As you've probably noticed, the weather has turned eerily nice. I know that it's spring, but this is beyond those days in the mid 50s that I normally associate with the beginning of spring. I liked those days.
Anyhow, when weather suddenly turns nice, people remember that they own bikes and venture out. Generally, I'm pretty positive about more people on the bikes, but in early spring part of me gets offended by the fair weather riders, especially after our insignificant winter. I feel that my weird brethren and I ensured that by riding through the dark unpleasantries of winter, we persevered in keeping a small slice of the road reserved for bikes.
And, this is why I have an inflated ego and no friends.


Tony C said...

I can't be friends with you anymore. Your ego is out of control.

Riding tomorrow after work though. 5PM from East Hartford across from PW.

Brendan said...

too early for me. I've got class until 5:15.

However, Dario and I were planning on meeting at Constipation Plaza at 5:30 to ride the boardwalk or something. What do you think of that?

Tony C said...

That sounds splendid.