Monday, March 26, 2012

We're #1!

At first, I was going yo write a post about this ride I took on Friday in which I crossed a swamp by old newgate prison and then discovered this cool trail and some other stuff like that. It also involved things like the metacomet trail and frame pumps. But, the beat bike blog was nominated for this blog contest on the courant website (maybe by Dario?) And we need your votes. This is where you vote. We're the only blog involving bikes nominated and you vote for us by that reason alone. Besides, we're coming up on post #1000 and that would be a fitting present.


Karen Etchells said...

Oh! But there is another bicycle related blog there. We have a unique focus area as we ride a tandem. : )

Brendan said...

So, that's what a tandem team is.

dario said...

Get the vote out early, and vote often. The BBB (that is short for the "beat bike blog") needs you.

(This exhortation was approved by the beatbikeblog Super PAC)

jachmilli said...

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