Thursday, March 8, 2012

No love for Jure Robic

Tony did an awesome job organizing the screening of Bicycle Dreams last night at the Wadsworth. I mean, to sell out a theater in Hartford with a movie about a bike race is an unmatched triumph. The movie was ok, I thought it was little boring. Although, considering it was a race in which the leader changed once, maybe the excitement wasn't in the attacks.

Anyway, my gripe with the evening was that no mention was made of poor Jure Robic's death. The guy ends up being the focal point of the movie, because he won in 2005 (year the film was shot). Maybe his was common knowledge in the audience, but I doubt it. The film itself ended up portraying him ok. At first, he was sort of the mechanistic enemy, but he got humanized at the end.


Schleppi Longstocking said...

You ducked out before the Q&A ended, I see. I don't know that his death, or many details of the RAAM were common knowledge with the crowd, given the number of questions asked about items that could be researched independently, like how many women have been in the race, etc.

The sequence of events within the film was strange. I don't know if it sought to highlight racers with the most intriguing backgrounds or what, but at the end, we found out how some placed, but then those who placed ahead of them were never named. I thought a Top 20 list would have been flashed on screen or something.

I went to support Bike Walk CT, but find little interest in events that have something like a $3000 entrance fee.

Brendan said...

I was hungry!

dario said...

Way to go, Tony C!