Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Some Hartford voters

As part of the beat bike blog's ongoing civic engagement initiative, we're reminding you to go vote again. Today, we've got a Democratic Town Committee election, so if you're a Democrat in Hartford living in any district other than the 1st, it's time to go vote. Of course, there's been redistricting and changes in polling places, so it's really confusing. My polling place changed, but my district did not. Here's a Courant article that I believe correctly lists all the the slates and districts. There was a subsequent article that erroneously states that only three districts have elections, but that's not true. Here's a poorly concocted list of polling places put out by the Registrars' office. If you're still confused, call the Registrars' office at 8607579830.

The DTC wields a lot of power around here and the only check on them is the Working Families Party and occasionally some voters. Town committee elections generally have turn out in the mid-hundreds and these are the people that'll probably pick your state senator or representative. Of all the elections in which you vote counts, this is the one.

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