Monday, November 1, 2010


Eight intrepid young cyclists met on Saturday morning and took part in The Eel. Some of us we were beset by mechanical problems: broken spoke, broken cable housing and broken toe clip. Some of us were waylaid by dinner plans. The mud was deep and train tracks bumpy. Only five made it back to Hartford. I only took one picture, well two if you count the picture of the Chili Mango that I bought in Glastonbury, because the events of The Eel are more the stuff of epic poetry than digital photography.

The bonus sections, Loomis trails and Hockanum Boardwalk, were left out, so it ended up only being 55 or so miles.

All of this eeling begs the question of what the next event should be. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Hail Young Snail,

A great ride with the finest of company. It may have only been 55 mi. but most of it on pretty gnarly (fun!) stuff. So kudos to you for leading the expedition of hearty souls.

My only suggestion: Throw in some stream crossings where we have to toss the bike across the water or wade through it.

(Gruppo Sportivo La Chiocciola)

Tony C said...

Agreed. Most excellent ride. Glad to ride with and hope to attend future rides.

Didn't realize my cross bike could manage that type of singletrack and train track action.

dougyfresh said...

so you made it on the 'cross tires, Tony? awesome.

Wish I could have joined but my folks were in town and I was entertaining them.

Will be at the Nov rail trail ride though.

Imagine riding those train tracks for upwards of 40miles. That is what we did in Costa Rica.

Anonymous said...

This ride was the Iliad and the Odyssey! Couldn't have ridden with a better group. Thanks for putting it on, Brendan.


Brendan said...

In case you were wondering, that chili mango stuff is pretty good.

Tony C said...

Yup Doug. Rode it on 700X32 cross slicks. 700X45 small knobs would have been a bit more comfy and better on the single track.