Friday, September 17, 2010

Keep it Real- This Saturday!

We all had a blast during the last Real Ride hARTford and this Saturday evening, it's time for another. They're calling this one The Magical History Tour to commemorate their 35th anniversary. The relaxed, 10 mile route will include locations and public art installations from RAW's history. Alan, Dave and I set up the bike trailer sound system yesterday and DJ Rick will be back in town to spin the virtual wheels of steel. Riders who would like to decorate their bikes on site at RAW can do so starting at 4:30. We'll start lining up at 6:00 PM and should be rolling by 6:30. Real Art Ways is located at 56 Arbor Street.

photo: Caresse Amenta

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Love this concept on everyone taking part in an event and having so much fun at the same time rather then competing. Do share more pictures and let us see.