Friday, September 24, 2010

Dog park

I don't like dog parks. Many people know this. There was once a consideration to do this in Elizabeth Park. I became very angry. Dogs are good (not as good as cats, but still good). Dog parks are bad.

Anyway, I have signed up for a 'cross race (one to which I can ride my bike) tomorrow in Rocky Hill that benefits the eventual construction of a dog park in Rocky Hill. My hope is that my entry fee goes entirely to paying the officials, etc., but I bet some of it is going to go to this thing.


I don't have any pictures of Elm Ridge Park, so the picture is Quarry Park.

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Schleppi said...

In one of my classes today we wrote an impromptu story about a dog riding a unicycle that gets stabbed to death by an umbrella.

I like dog parks in the abstract, but then when we start bringing in factors like ill-mannered pit bulls that might attack other dogs, they are just bad, bad, bad.

How about we have a cat park? I'd enter a cyclocross race to support that.