Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dog Poop

So, I did the race at the Dog Park. It was ok. The officials were a little intense and the course wasn't too fascinating. But, turnout was good and it was a good bunch of racers.

I had the holeshot, faded to third and then crashed. I ended up where I assumed to be somewhere around tenth at that point. I was a little off and finished 12th. It was fun and nice that I was able to ride to a race.

Johanna took some good pictures and video.


Aaron said...

Nice Job! I was right behind you in that clip (clearly before I imploded and died).

Brendan said...

You gotta be careful, man. Weird errant gravities near dog parks!

Oirad said...

Hail Snail,

You may not have been the fastest on the course, but you were definitely the sharpest looking! You look great in the team jersey.

Now if they would only sponsor races for snail parks ...