Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fixed gear mountain biking: not cool? is a cool website, even if it's defunct. It went dormant right around when everyone started riding fixed gear things, which I think is 2008. Even mountain bikers started riding fixed gears, and with the advent of the tomi cog, it's pretty easy to do with your existing singlespeed. Things have cooled off and cycling factions seem to be a little bit less dogmatic.

Cog cat!

I bought a tomi cog myself a few months ago for my Mono Cog. I haven't been riding it that much lately because I find myself liking to shift in the woods and the bottom bracket is in rough shape. So, I figured making it fixed would make me want to ride it more.

Riding swoopy, flowy stuff is fun. Even rock gardens aren't too bad, but logs are cumbersome. I don't know. There's really no higher meaning to be found in your legs moving all the time. I mean, people only ride fixed off road to get noticed, right?

Or, perhaps I was just having a off day last night.

And, take a moment to remember Jure Robic, a man more hardcore than a million fixed gears or thousand D2R2's.


dougyfresh said...

Yay for Tomi!

I was staring at my Vicious the other night saying to myself "I gotta run that fixed this fall". Already have the 19T TomiCog. Just need a crankset and I'm good to go.

Brendan said...

I've got some octalink xtr cranks that need a new spider. Interested?

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