Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ice Bikey Goodness and Free Food Too!

So we are in the middle of a halfway through the winter warm week, what better time to announce the next Ice Bike Breakfast brought to you by the CCBA?

Next Friday, January 29, 2010. Come on down to JoJo's on Pratt Street in Hartford for free breakfast and a chance to talk to other year round cyclists. 700-900 AM, just tell the good JoJo's folks that you are with the CCBA breakfast group (or just say, "I am with the bike people") and have some fun shooting the breeze with like minded souls! Who knows, it might even be cold again by then.....

Sorry to have been offline for a while. Reconfiguring and downsizing the fleet considerably. If anyone here has an interest in a sweet GT mountain bike set up for winter riding (spikes, fenders, the whole nine) or a tricked out Schwinn Homegrown Mountain bike, I have both for sale!

That mixte pic in the previous post is sweet. I have rebuilt and sold a couple of those over the years and also built myself a sheldon brown tandem, I wish interstatement well on that endeavor!!

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