Monday, January 25, 2010

Bikes Outside: North by North Wet

This morning had me riding to an appointment in Windsor center. There was a negligible drizzle when I left home at 8 AM and it was warm enough to ride comfortably in a T-shirt. The rain increased to something just shy of biblical for the return trip a couple of hours later. My aging Gore Tex jacket was completely soaked through within ten minutes, but my garish "Safety orange" CL&P-issued rain bibs held up nicely. A few of the flooded areas were deep enough that my pedals were dunking into the murky, oil-slicked drink on the downstrokes. Despite my rainy glasses-induced blindness and possible violations of maritime no-wake rules, I was happy to see a few other bikes out and about.

Today, Bikes Outside spotlights a pair of mountain bikes chained up across from the Keney Memorial Clock Tower on Main Street late this morning. This extra small Specialized and its anonymous beater mountain bike companion were chained to a tree awaiting their owners' damp slog homeward. They look to be in pretty good repair and my guess is that this was a short-term parking spot. Big ups to my foul-weather friends, wherever you are. Here's wishing you a nice cup of hot chocolate when you get home.

Speaking of wet-weather riding, today was the first time I used my new Kool Stop brake pads in the rain. With a light-to moderate load on board, the cargo bike stopped very well and only squealed a bit during hard braking when the rims were submerged. I am pleased.
I also pinstriped my fenders with reflective vinyl to look like roads to increase night visibility and because I am a dork. If you are one of the three BBB readers who remember my old art car, this will make somewhat more sense.

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Kerri said...

Remember your old art car? I can see it from my back bedroom window!