Thursday, August 20, 2009

I don't like folding tires

The beads on the Michelin folding tires I bought for my roadbike are a bitch to lever off the rim when I get a flat. When I go to slide the lever after getting up under the bead the bead just kind of jams up and sticks to the lever. It ends up taking forever to wrestle the bead off. Don't buy them. Get some regular tires that don't fold, like Bontrager hard case tires, my personal favorite.


Brendan said...

So, you like heavy, not-as-well-made tires?

Hew Naven?? said...

I agree, folding tires are a bitch to put on and take off.

chillwill said...

The new fatty tires on my road/cross bike are folding Panaracer Pasela Tourguard Road Tires. They were not too bad to put on at all.
I have much more trouble fighting the T-Serv tires to get on my wheels when fixing a flat or changing tires completely. Also, I worked with a guy who pedaled to the tip of South America and back on the Paselas and loved them. I got the ones with Kevlar to protect against punctures. No flats yet! (knocking on wood right now).