Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cleaning stuff again

So, I have unilaterally decided that the beat bike blog is going to participate in the CT River Watershed Council's Source to Sea Cleanup again this year. The little section of the river we cleaned really looked nice afterward. Also, I think we did the real foundational work last year, so the cleanup will hopefully be easier this year.

I was also thinking that it'd be really cool to follow it up with a 100k tour of the river's banks from Windsor to Middletown on both sides of the river- sort of a giant, non-competitive one lap Eel (isn't it cool how I linked to a non-beat bike blog Eel post?). 100k is a tall order right after all that cleaning up, so maybe we'll do it on the Sunday.

So, come Oct 3 at 11am to the confluence of the Connecticut and Park Rivers to do some cleaning.

Editor's note: the dates are now fixed.


Rich said...

Confusion on the date.

Your post says Oct. 5, which is a Monday. The side calendar says the 4th, and the text above says you want to have the ride "on the Sunday" which suggests the clean-up is Saturday?

The website you linked says the event is on Oct. 3.

Brendan said...

Good catch.

chillwill said...

This was a lot of fun last year and we found some weird stuff as well. C'mon on down and hang out afterwards for beer and nosh.

Brendan, two questions...
Can you explain, for people unfamiliar with the area, where exactly to meet? I am not sure the best way to describe it.
Also, can you make another power call to the military and make them clean the sand and dirt off the Bushnell Park Cut-Through?