Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Night Jazz in Bushnell Park

Do you know how hard it is to find a picture that is truly appropriate for a post about riding your bike to an outdoor jazz concert? Kinda hard. Luckily, there is a cyclocross bike, made by Van Dessel, called the Gin and Trombones (frame pictured above). I think that is pretty good: Bike + Booze (good for sipping discreetly at an outdoor concert) + Trombone (a great jazz instrument) = WIN!

Tonight the Monday Night Jazz in Bushnell Park series begins. As the title suggests, it features jazz, on Monday nights, in Bushnell Park. What the title sort of implies but doesn't make clear is that this is live music and it is free. As it happens, the weather is supposed to be fairly nice tonight (20% chance of thunderstorms after 8:00, but the music starts at 6:00!), so it is a good time to go canoodle with your fellow Hartfordites and enjoy some live music (tonight features the saxophone stylings of George Blackman, Jr. (whom I have never heard but have decided to like on the basis of his being, like me, a Brooklynite living in Connecticut), and the Afro-Semitic Experience, who win on the basis of their name alone). Having conferred with my dear wife, I can say that la familia presidencial will be in the mix, and I know that Joel and Ken (contributors to this very blog) mentioned last week that they intended to go to as many Monday night concerts as possible. I strongly urge our five regular readers to go as well. Bushnell Park is a great jazz venue for bike riders because it is park, so you should ride your bike there and listen to jazz, and maybe bring some wine for sippin'. Also, cookies. Jazz and cookies go great together.


chillwill said...

yes! go! go! go! Monday Night Jazz is always a great time to form picnic blanket settlements and potluck! I have a cd from the afro-semitic experience...i liiike!

Bianca's brother said...

I want to go too! but unfortunately I can't see it this week... The opening night is always really good.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the "Gin and Trombones" appears to be a composite frame instead of steel. I wouldn't want to see a rusty trombone under any circumstances.