Wednesday, July 8, 2009

bicycles and sailboats and jugs of wine


I get to write about a blog appropiate afternoon of sailing that actually involves a few bicycles. Sweeeet! My unexpected day on the water began when I shouted “hoo-dee-hoo” from my yard as my neighbor Maya rode by on her bicycle. She swung a u-turn and came back into my driveway and asked if I wanted to go sailing on a 19 foot sailboat for the afternoon. Five minutes later I had a drybag packed with a few sailing sundries and was pedaling with her and her roommate Redbeard towards Garrison Bight. We arrived at the Key West Sailing Club and locked up our bicycles on the half-full rack. Maya checked out a sailboat and soon we were on our way; powered by the wind and totally enjoying the ride.

We cruised past Rat Key and through the Seaplane Basin towards open water and just wandered aimlessly for a few hours as Redbeard and I shared a jug of wine he had brought along. On our way back, we spotted the cruiser on the side of the sailboat and circled around for a good shot of the bicycle. Thanks Captain Maya! I love seeing bikes on boats. Another person doing the dingy/bicycle commute and avoiding paying rent on land!

Yep, another hard day in paradise. I really wish I knew some Viking songs. We were really wanting to sing Viking songs as we passed several different Navy SEAL boats on training missions that kept messing up our tacking. I hope I spelled that right. There was talk of outlaw canoes taking over the Navy and controlling the oceans. I am not sure I still think that’s a great idea. Anyways, we made it back to the dock and pedaled home, quite content and sunkissed.

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A few weeks ago Mary Beth and I were returning from a kayak trip around No Name Key. We spotted a waterspout about a mile away and watched it slowly grow and drop down from the clouds to the water. We threw on our life vests and watched as we pretty much just continued paddling towards it to get to the take out. We were far more worried about the lightening suddenly coming at us from two different storm cells. It began to dissipate in 10 minutes as we continued hugging the mangroves on the coastline under the flashing sky. Its official…summer in the keys!


goolia said...

oh yeah...well we had a really big thunderstorm last there!

seriously will, your posts make me want to quit my job and move somewhere sunny. so quit it! cause i can't afford that right now!

Joel said...

Yo Will how did she just "check out" a sailboat? With her library card?
I don't know any viking songs I don't think, but I do know some sea shanties and maritime-style songs. Try starting out with Barret's Privateers or Rolling Down to Old Maui by Stan Rogers.

chillwill said...

duuude, join the sailing club for $200 yearly dues. pay $50 for lessons or find a friend.

then there's a fleet of kayaks, sunfish and sailboats to choose from! Best deal on the island!

Goolia! I am the poorest I have ever been, but as Hemmingway said, "Key West is the St. Tropez for the poor." Biking and kayaking are free and beer happy hour specials abound!

Anonymous said...

What is a guy like that doing with a woman like that?????