Thursday, February 5, 2009

CT (and MA) Stage Race

I was just looking at twitter and saw an interesting tweet from "bikeride", who is out of Colinsville. It looks like there's going to be a stage race in May over two days with a time trial, circuit race, and a road race. I might be interested in the road race for some early season humiliation.

Check out the goings on:
Check out the more abstract goings on at:


Also, have you ever had a headset seize? I did yesterday. I was riding the old stumpjumper home from work and it happened to me. Turning became like getting a cork out of a wine bottle with a car key. It was weird because I'd just fixed the headset a few months ago and got the play out of it. I had been feeling pretty satisfied with myself. The grease was new, so what could be wrong. I opened it up and things looked ok, but I put in some more grease for good measure. It didn't help at all and I realized that problem was coming from the race. I don't know how to grease in the there and I became very depressed.

Then I remember I had a can of WD-40. I sprayed it at the race and now everything's fine- like instantaneously fine.

Damn salt :-(


Karma said...

Damn salt indeed. If I don't lube my chains every couple days the whole drivetrain practically seizes up and squeeks like hell! I think I may need to try something other than white lightning for the winter.

Brendan said...

the freehub on my surly is in a bad mood now, too. I guess I'll squirt some stuff in there today.