Sunday, October 11, 2015

Index Shift through the BiCi Co Tour

I put together this list for those looking to catch up on the posts that I wrote while bike touring approximately 2,500 miles from August 18th until September 30th.  It was an amazing six weeks, but I'm excited to be back at the Center for Latino Progress to start up our Fall BiCi Co. programs.  I'm calling it the BiCi Co. Tour because a lot of my thinking and writing was about the formation of the community bike shop.

As regular Beat Bike Blog reader you get the scoop on the BiCi Co. membership campaign.  There are a limited number of "Lead Pack" memberships available - and you've now got the link.  Check it out.  We can also use your help to SHARE the campaign starting on Monday, October 12th when we officially roll it out.  Your grass roots publicity of this new program is invaluable!

Side Note - While on my bicycle tour, a knit hat and I gained a very odd bit of national fame in the My Mountain Man competition.  Margo snapped this photo of me on the morning I left for my bike tour.  A viral social media campaign resulted in enough votes to put this hat and me at the top of some stiff competition.  The prize ($500) is going directly to the BiCi Co. shop supplies.  Thanks for voting!  As I understand it, I'll be in their My Mountain calendar and the pattern for the knit hat I'm wearing, with binary code knit into it, will be published.  This wouldn't have been possible without grassroots folks taking a big role in the social media publicity.   I consider this a great warm up for the BiCi Co. campaign.
The semi-famous photo.  Photo credit to Margo Lynn.

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