Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Louisville Gets the Boot

This bulging tire needs a boot!
Not really.  So far Louisville is fine by me.  On my first day of the return ride from Santa Claus, IN to Hartford, CT I noticed a hop in my back tire.  Early in the tour I picked up a nail while riding through Native American land in upstate New York.  The nail had come in sideways through the tread and damaged the casing over about a half inch, rather than just a small puncture hole.  At first the reinforcement of the patch behind the weak spot was enough, but the tire degraded at the damaged location.  ~ 600 miles later - the back tire is hopping and the tube is trying to exit the casing.  Time for a tire boot.  I wrapped the tube with a dollar bill (great solution, right?) and tucked it back into the tire.  Good enough for now, but I need a new rear tire soon.  Aside from the blazing heat, it was a great day of riding with surprisingly low traffic and beautiful scenery.

Not a bad view from lunch.  Overlooking the Ohio River.
Crossing a rail bridge where the trail ended.  Shhh.  Don't tell.

Fortuitously, I was stealth camped just across the Ohio River from Louisville, KY and it's several bike shops.  The camp was quiet, appropriate for a camp fire, and boasted a river view of Falls of the Ohio.  Stealth camping doesn't get much better.  A short ride down the bike path, through a junk yard with a hole in the fence (trail ended), and then along some more dike-top bike paths brought me to a converted rail bridge between Jeffersonville and Louisville arching over the Ohio River Falls and dam.  The bridge was spectacular and lured one to linger with classical music and benches (really!).

This bridge plays you music.  Because awesome!?
Fingers crossed that the bike shop in Louisville that opens at 10am carries 700x40 tour capable tires.  I need the fatties for my GAP and C&O tour leg, not to mention my random trail jaunts for camping.  The minor detour will also give me a chance to peruse the bike friendliness of this  Bronze Bicycle Friendly community.

Falls of the Ohio, looking toward Louisville
Falls of the Ohio, looking downstream
Plug of the day - Night Fall.  There is a key Night Fall fundraiser on Sunday (9/13) at the Pond House in Elizabeth Park.  Support this surreal and ephemeral art and performance event, coming yearly to Hartford's parks.   Be a part of the community that loves and furthers this Hartford gem.  And save the date for the Night Fall performance on October 10th in Keney Park.


Anonymous said...

Hope you found a good tire. TB

Unknown said...

I second that I hope you got a tire and your ride sounds great. I would like more about it when you get back.

Unknown said...

I second that I hope you got a tire and your ride sounds great. I would like more about it when you get back.

Rich Allen said...

Ahh, good old George. The 100 Percent rag content solution to boot.