Thursday, October 15, 2015

Do It Yourself - BiCi Co. Hours Announced!

The membership, teaching bike shop starting up at 95 Park Street has this thing called "Member Hours."  BiCi Co. members have access to the shop during these scheduled hours to attend and use the workstands, tools, and get guidance from experienced mechanics.  Members can come into these hours and use them to pick up new bike maintenance skills - like changing a tire or replacing a worn out chain.  For anyone that rides further than a mile or so from home, knowing how to change a tire is something you should know.  The confidence and mobility one gains from mastering basic maintenance on their bicycle is important to how likely someone is to be a regular bicycle commuter or longer distance recreational cyclist.   Being worried that you'll be stranded for hours for every flat tire really damps the enthusiasm of someone that would otherwise enjoy a 10 or 20 mile bicycle ride.

What do I get with membership?  Why bother with this BiCi Co. concept of empowered and independent cyclists? Good questions.  In addition to access to DIY member hours, you'll get a 25% discount on bicycle parts and accessories.  Members have special pricing for scheduled bike safety and mechanic lessons.  Some might be intimidated by the thought of tuning a bicycle, but consider how much simpler a bicycle is than your standard car.  It's not rocket science.  Almost anyone who wants to learn the basics of bicycle maintenance (including basic repair) can do it.  With hands on lessons and patient experts on hand, you can do this.
Five work stands and a full complement of bike tools.
This fall we are holding a trial version of the BiCi Co. Member Hours for those that want to try before they buy.  BiCi Co is also recruiting volunteers, both for member hours.  If you're interested in volunteers, send me an email.  The shop will have basic repair parts and accessories.  Since we're in the startup phase of the project, we won't have a fully stocked bike shop.   There are multiple full sets of bike tools, work stands, a wheel truing stand, and work benches.  The shop is beginning to accumulate used bike parts, and those are also available to support your bicycle repair.  Being a BiCi Co. member puts resources, experts, and parts at your fingertips.  I know personally that it's expensive and takes a lot of space to set up a bike workstation in your home.   Being a member at BiCi Co. is a great option, with a side benefit of social connections and skill sharing.

BiCi Co. - Demo Member Hours - Weekly!

  • Wednesdays from 5:30-8:30pm.  Starting on October 21st.  No hours on November 25th due to holiday weekend.
  • Saturdays from 1:30-5:30pm.  Starting on November 7th.  No hours on November 28th due to holiday weekend.

Last year's parade - Anne Cubberly's Night Fall crew.
BiCi Co. Special Event - Save the Date - Hooker Day Parade 
Saturday, October 24th for the Hooker Day Parade in Downtown Hartford.  We'll be riding bikes in the parade.  More information soon.  Stay tuned for the BiCi Co. FB Page for the latest info.  Excited to pull in bicycle commuters and riders from Transport Hartford, the Slow Roll, and BiCi Co. to participate in this rollicking annual Hartford parade / party.
Hooker day costume from 2013.  Photo credit Greg Garcia.

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