Monday, November 4, 2013

Manchester Parks Tour partIII: We did it!

 Kai crosses a bridge

This past Saturday was five hours and fifty minutes of meandering around mostly Manchester's trails, parks, and other back ways that probably looked like about 75% of the earlier posted map.  I did say it was just a ROUGH outline.

The ride included a skate park (can't be outshone by the Eel), really slippery wet wood (I managed to substitute for Dario's normal crashing), erroneous "no bikes" signs, fresh pears, a garden maze, hundreds of spectators (although that might have been for the junior high running event), waterfront dining, waterfalls, and even my yard.  Five started, but Peter departed early because, let's face it, Peter Waite has better things to do than spend all day with us, and then Dario unfortunately had to part ways to meet his wife at V.I.P., although to be fully honest, that probably had something to do with his simultaneous flatting of two tubulars.

Mmm, roadside pears

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