Thursday, November 7, 2013

Local politics are the best

My favorite kind of politics are the local kind. They're responsive, you seem them a lot and the barrier to entry is very low. Want to get elected in your community? You could probably do it by only raising $2,000-3,000. You have don't have to set up a big operation or hire much or any staff. I suppose this is different if you live in New York, but I don't want to live there.

The other reason is that you can ride your bike to the politics. I vote and poll stood on Tuesday and never had to use a car. In fact, the entire time I've done any political stuff in Hartford, I don't think I've had to use a car more than once or twice. My failed charter revision experience this past year never required a car.

This is in sharp contrast to the time I worked on a statewide race in 2006. I put more miles on my car than any time in more entire life. Just delivering lawn signs would turn into a 100 mile ordeal.

So, all you angry bike people who read this blog (all 3 of you) should definitely start preparing for your run in two years and do the whole thing by bike even though it will totally be a liability because everyone hates bikes.


Tony C said...


Bummed the charter revisions didn't all pass. I saw a sign across from the library proclaiming , NO NO NO. I think perhaps that low budget polly-ticking was what did it.

See ya Saturday at Colt Park.

dario said...

If Tony and I are the other two that read the blog, who is the third? Are you counting yourself?

I like this post. Is it already the beginning of the next campaign season?

Brendan said...

There's this dude who parks his bike at the same bike rack as me at CityPlace. I think he's number 3.

It used to be Damian, but he's off spying on Angela Merkel now.

Tony C said...

Maybe we should do a poll to count our loyal readership? And the blog contributors can bet on the number of respondents. I think there will be at least 9.

I think Brendan is angling for a political career. If he gets all the BBB readers to vote for him, with < 5% voter turnout, he might just win.