Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Giving cranks

Run red lights in support of a good cause this Saturday. I only had this flyer as pdf, so I'm not sure if the screenshot I took of it renders it readable or not. Anyway, it starts at the Trinity College Chapel. Registration is at 9am and it starts at 10am. The idea is that you're riding around gathering food, so you should bring a bag, some money and a lock. There's something called a facebook page for it. I guess you can look at that, too. 

I probably can't go because I have to do a stupid estates exam. I'd much prefer doing this.


Tony C said...

Physical activity makes your brain work better. Wake up early. Do some studying. Ride. Study some more after. If you want to ride fast you can try and beat Darren.

Brendan said...

I have to take the exam, which I would be unable to do if I am riding my bike.