Sunday, October 27, 2013

Beat Bike Bloggers in the News

A couple of weeks ago Brendan made the national news cycle when he went through the hoops associated with the Affordable Care Act, tweeted about it, got quoted in the Courant and then I guess Rush Limbaugh griped about it.  Crummy poor students getting health insurance.  That and now everyone knows that there is a fiscally conservative Brendan doppelganger exactly the same age in Hartford.  I would posit that Brendan L. Mahoney is a more than upstanding Hartford resident that very much betters his community, and that Rush Limbaugh is a bag of hot air - but I don't think I'd be arguing with anyone.

One of my favorite headstones in the Old North Cemetery.
This week I managed to get honorable mention in the Courant as a Hartfordite with a reputation for doing stuff that Colin McEnroe finds exciting.  Occasionally I organize things, and like to volunteer at events and such.  Otherwise I make sure my friends know about the almost overwhelming abundance of fun events in Hartford, although Real Hartford does a better job of this.  All of these things are second nature.  I'm glad that Hartford is getting more residents that find civic engagement and creation of local events to be part of their day-to-day.   I expect that my standing out enough to get mentioned in an editorial will happen less often as the rising tide of even more interesting and productive people keep Hartford hopping.

For example, there are two Hartford based movie events this Friday.  Movies that were created in Hartford, filmed in Hartford, and now screened for the first time in Hartford.   Both on Friday night.  Serious event gravity.   A couple good friends put together "No One Wants to be the River", which is a short film that is based on the beautifully complex "Toward Union Lines" sculpture along the riverfront.  The short is the start of a planned series called "Hartford River Dreams", and will be screened at the Carriage House Theater at 7:30PM.  The other movie is feature length "Diamond Ruff" that is being shown at 6:30PM at the Bushnell Center.  I'm tempted to try and attend both, but I don't think it will work out.

So get out there folks and do the local stuff.  Organize your own local stuff.  Tell your friends, co-workers, and acquaintances about all the amazing local stuff.  Basically do your part to make Hartford awesome.  It doesn't take much, and you might even get honorable mention.

Anybody else got some local stuff they want to tell me about?  Or want to scheme on something upcoming.

FYI - Don't forget IceBike to Work at Maddies this Thursday, October 31st, in East Hartford from 7-8AM.  You can get there earlier or later, we don't care.  It's totally informal.
Keney Memorial Clock tower in Hartford's Northend
The two photos are from a stroll through Hartford's Northend.  Beautiful day for a walk.  I don't bike everywhere.  And you get to notice details like the ironwork on the gate when you're ambling along the sidewalk.

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