Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A new cyclocross race in Hartford

Remember when some people and me put together a 'cross race at riverside park? It was pretty awesome, but a ton of work. Since I'm a lone wolf without a cycling club, I've never done it again.

Much to my happy surprise when looking on BikeReg the other day, I saw a race scheduled for early November in Hartford. It's being put together by the ERRACE/Central Wheel people and is going to be in Colt Park. Colt Park is certainly an interesting place for a bike race, but it's pretty awesome that it'll be in a popular and visible park.

No single speed race, so I guess I'll just have to get my ass kicked with people who can shift.


Tony C said...

Awesome! Cross Race in Hartford less than a block from my house. I won't race, but I sure will watch and cheer (jeer) for Brendan.

Tony C said...

How are they promoting this event? Not seeing much on the internets other than the BikeReg page. I dropped an email on them to see how one would volunteer on the day of the event.