Monday, October 28, 2013

A wall in East Hartford

Hockanum River, a few miles upstream from the below mentioned wall. 

I generally try to keep non-bike related aspects of my life off of the beat bike blog, because that's not the purpose of this thing. However, Tony took it upon himself to air some of my clean laundry with respect to my recent experience with signing up on AccessHealthCT and subsequent criticism from the nation's conservatives. I'm annoyed, but hey what are you going to do? James Taranto wrote a whole column about me, rife with quotes that were recycled from an interview in the Courant and never called me. (If you want to read my thoughts about my experience, here's a link to an op-ed I wrote.)

Anyhow, to close the loop regarding my healthcare decisions and cycling, I will tell you a trifling story about a wall in east Hartford that probably describes my tempered recklessness. Behind the sewage treatment plant in East Hartford, the flood control levee dips down it's supplemented by this cement wall. The wall maintains the height of the earthen levee. The Hockanum River Trail goes through there atop the levee. The wall is about 18" wide and at its maximum height above the ground, it's about 5'. I discovered it awhile ago, such a while ago, that I was actually still on my parents' insurance, because I had just graduated from college. Then, I wasn't on their insurance anymore, because the wall is high. Then, I got a job working for the City and I had insurance again, so I rode the wall. After I started law school, I had the school's high premium insurance and the coverage was still pretty good, so I rode the wall. However, I can't afford the premium anymore, so I have not so good insurance and I don't ride the wall. Due to Connecticut's expansion of Medicaid, I will have good insurance starting in January. However, so as not to unduly burden the system with my dangerous lifestyle, I will continue not to ride the wall.

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