Saturday, July 21, 2012

Why do engineers ride bikes?

The weather was looking iffy on Thursday morning, but the sky held itself together for our sake.  Had about 50 cyclists check in, and the Mayor of East Hartford showed up to say some words.   Not sure if she's ever biked to work or walked for that matter, but she thinks it's a good idea for others to do so.

Some engineers are so cheap they only use one wheel.

When I gathered up the sign in sheets it surprised me that almost everyone was a P&W employee.  Figured most would be, but tried hard to get others involved.  Goodwin College, American Eagle Credit Union, the East Hartford YMCA, and the City of East Hartford were all co-sponsors.  Figured the event, located on a major north-south arterial would draw others into the fold.  No such luck.  We were on Goodwin property, but I don't think I saw anyone that rode into Goodwin that day.

What makes engineers more likely on average to be bike commuters?  Mostly male workforce.  Cheap.  Already social outcasts.  Relatively casual dress code.  Often mechanically inclined. Your suggestions?

On another note - I got a call from one of the young teens that rode with us on the Real Ride pre-ride.  I'd given him my number (bad idea?) and told them I'd help out if they wanted to put some brakes on their bikes.  They stopped by on a couple of pixie bikes.  My dad and I did some minor maintenance.  The kids were also paying close attention as I walked them through tightening up hub bearings and installing coaster brake straps.  Sending them away with slightly safer bikes, reflective stickers, and blinky lights, it felt like we'd done some good.

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