Saturday, July 14, 2012

We like nearby music.

Today!  July 14th.

Come out to the Charter Oak Cultural Center and catch amazing bands well known throughout the region for leading Indie movers and shakers. Music from The Radical Dads, a Brooklyn New Yor ‘college rock’ trio will headline the fesitval in Charter Oak’s beautiful garden; followed Farewood, and the Suicide Dolls. In addition, local bands will be playing during the day.

Indulge in Music, Food, and a really, really free market. FREE.

Featured Bands: 7 PM -12 AM is the Electric Set: The Radical Dads, The Suicide Dolls, Farewood, Post-Modern Panic

2-6 PM is the acoustic set: Kevin MF King, Brett the One Man Band, Rum Glass Serenade

You can ride your bike there.


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