Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to properly celebrate America's Saturday

July 4th, no matter what calendar day of the week it is, is Saturday. On such a hallowed day, it's important to show America how great it is by doing something in the American way. For weird cyclists that probably means going on some weird theme ride. So, Salem, the impresario of weird theme rides decided we needed to ride a long way on fixed gear bikes. People still have those things around here. Since it was Saturday, Salem didn't make us get up too early. We met in East Hartford, went to Enfield and then Willimantic. The plan was to return via the airline trail, but it was getting late and I was supposed to go to a cookout and drink beer. I turned around in Willimantic and I don't know if Salem and Tony survived flat tires and swimming. I hope to hear from them again some day.


Salem said...

I wasn't too precise, but the google said about 125 miles all told; survival was thread bare. Tony & I, however, did get to experience the thrill of Portland's red-neck gasoline alley in full effect.

Brendan said...

In total darkness?

Tony C said...

Salem - Does 125 include your out and back to Manchester?