Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hike a Bike - I fell in a creek.

Dario and I headed north along the riverfront trails, when we could find the trails underneath all the felled trees.  Lots of opportunities for trying to roll over trees, and some interesting tree piles.  Dario was a witness to lots of entertaining tip overs and tangles, the most humorous being a dip in the creek by Loomis-Chafee.  More time off bike than on and we did our part to clear some segments.  Recommend a group ride with saws to do a bunch more clearing.

Found some excellent graffiti along the train tracks under I-91.

After the hike-a-bike we grabbed some coffee at Jo-Jo's and then I scooted over to Food Not Bombs to help cook.  Another full day.  Glad I'm moving to downtown Hartford.

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