Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spoke quest

As you know, I've been breaking a lot of spokes lately. As cool as the 31 spoke pattern is, I want my rear wheels to stay burritos and not tacos. So, while eating pho yesterday, Dario and I decided that we should buy new spokes in Berlin. So, we rode down to Berlin Bike yesterday on two of my 63 spoked mountain bikes. Berlin Bike is a good bike shop, because they take the time to sell you the correct length spoke even if you're going to lace it yourself. I really appreciate that.

Vietnamese car cats

Greatest veggie burger ever made


Interstatement said...

I'd like to check out one of your wheels with a tensiometer sometime. Inadequate or uneven spoke tension, as well as sloppy fit at the hub, can cause all sorts of instability issues, especially spoke breakage.

I recently trued a customer's wheel that was very nice component-wise, Campagnolo hub, Mavic rim, etc. but had been horribly assembled. A few of the spoke nipples had gotten so loose they could be spun by hand. The truing session was essentially a wheel build minus the initial spoking, but the wheel is now as good as the sum of its parts, and tension made all the difference.

Brendan said...

It's probably just because they're old. But, you're more than welcome to check them out.