Thursday, June 30, 2011

CT ranked 21st. Huzzah!

Just noticed on the Bike Walk CT website that CT vaulted forward in national bike friendliness rankings.  We moved from an embarrassing 40th to a middling 21st.  Much props to the folks over at Bike Walk for driving important legislation, supporting local bike / ped committees, and banging the drum with the CT DOT.

This ranking means something to environmentally concious young professionals.  Moving up from 40th removes a, ' Why would I live in such a backward state?' stigma.  Going further and getting into the top ten would actively draw folks looking for sustainable transportation and recreation to CT.

Taking CT to the next level will take more than new bike lanes and legislative policy.  Connecticut needs to show real progress in increasing bike, ped, and transit mode share.  Get on your bikes and Ride!

PS - I'm riding up to Boston this weekend (and back).  Should be hella fun.


Brendan said...

I've ridden in Maine. It was only kind of friendly.

Tony C said...

And Indianapolis is a Bronze Bicycle Friendly community. The rankings definitely aren't perfect.