Monday, June 13, 2011

Foul play and otherwise

There was an article in the Courant today about a body found in the Rocky Hill sandpit. Dario and I were riding there last week, as I was showing him some trails in Dividend Park. This is part of a not-so-pleasant trend of bodies turning up where we ride our bikes. The obviously joke to make is that because we live in Hartford, that's bound to happen, but it's not the case for the most part. It's the suburbs. From Dario's email, to wit:

Dario to me
Show details 4:47 PM (13 minutes ago)
Don't know about Sheffield, VT. I've never ridden up there, except for maybe D2R2.

Here is "the list":

Wintergreen Woods (man, no foul play)

Colt Park (man, probably lots of foul play)

Rocky Hill Sand Pit (likely a child or perhaps female or both, don't know yet,but probably foul play)

Hop River Trail (man, no foul play)

North Hartford train tracks (woman, accident)

Rocky Hill Cemetery (male police officer, apparent suicide)

Rocky Hill (woman near Dividend Park, don't remember what was cause of death).

Unless you were riding in all of these places when the events occurred, you're alright. Might not be so good for your political career though. You got bad karma.

Seriously though, consider where we rode the other day, right in and out of pretty densely populated areas. Great drop zones. Not very automobile accessible, though. Maybe they're bringing them in on bicycles?



Schleppi Longstocking said...

Maybe warn the rest of us in advance where you ride so we don't ride through these areas for a bit. That is so creepy (and sad).

Damian said...

I still want to be tossed in the bog.

Brendan said...

I rode through the spookiness of Cedar Mountain after work/after dark (a la flying toasters) and came upon nothing unseemly this evening.

dario said...

Brendan, just the other day you and I cut through Woodcliff Estates (in E. Htfd.) on our way back to Htfd. It's such a vibrant and friendly community. Nonetheless, there was a gruesome murder there within the last couple of years if you recall. We neglected to add that tragic episode to our list.

Damian, for a small fee, Charon will ferry you across the bog. That way you won't get your feet wet. We just usually toss our bikes across and then leap ...

-- d