Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ride Snake Shake Down Jake Down at the Blow Hole

Johanna was in need of a sturdy-ish bike for a secret thing involving a bike in a couple of weeks. Looking around on the craigslist and the ebay, there were some things, like a pretty sweet long haul trucker build and some old mountain bikes. There was also a Kona Jake the Snake for sale in Waterford (which at first I thought was Watertown and almost drove down 84). We went there and got a good deal from a nice guy.

It was set up more like a hybrid, but I changed that stuff and swapped out the tires. Now it's a flat bar 'cross bike. I've seen people riding them sometimes. I've thought 'cross bikes needed drop bars, but that required some effort with cables and stuff, and I wasn't in the mood.

Johanna wasn't feeling well, so I took it on that "shakedown" ride or whatever the cool people call the first time you ride something. I rode down to Cromwell along the river and the bike worked pretty well. Flat barred 'cross bikes work ok despite their aesthetic disadvantage.

I've also decided that while limited, the Blow Hole State Park trails are pretty good.

And I saw this guy get attacked by a swan.


Schleppi Longstocking said...

Don't leave us with a cliffhanger -- what happened to the guy attacked by the swan? Did you run it down with the bike? Ferry him to safety on the handlebars?

Brendan said...

He died.

Mark said...

That's a nice Kona and good to hear others are riding the B'Hole.

Brendan said...

I like it there. It's a nice dirt road/bit of single track ride to get there. And, I've figured out how to connect the whole thing down to Middletown.