Friday, May 14, 2010

Post-lawsuit Reservoir

picture unrelated to the rest of the psot
I went on the CTNEMBA RAW @ MDC WH Res, or the Connecticut Chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association's Ride After Work at the Metropolitan District Commission's West Hartford Reservoir. Living in the post-lawsuit mountain biking landscape, I was worried that I'd get there and have my bicycle confiscated. So, I rode my mean looking 29er. I met up with Don (from whom I bought my Kona, coincidentally) and Gary. Well, actually, they'd already left, so I rode to hopefully catch up. Not surprisingly, there were a lot of people riding in groups, so I kept asking each group I saw if they were the NEMBA group ride. Eventually, I caught them.

Nice slow pace and I was shown some cool new trails. Who knew that I'd keep finding new trails at the Reservoir. Also, lots of speculating about which gate was involved in the lawsuit.

Anyway, for the past few weeks there have been these strangely placed and confusing "trail closed" saw horses and they're still there. I don't know if they're related to the lawsuit, because they've been there since before the verdict was announced. Some are there because it looks like they're working on drainage stuff, but others don't make any sense.

After the ride, Johanna and I headed back into the woods for a five mile run. I slept well last night.

Not really any new updates on our beloved Reservoir. Hopefully status quo prevails.


dougyfresh said...

I was out there yesterday for five and a half hours. I think those signs are due to the work they are doing on the water tower or something. Theres a big sign posted at the RT44 parking lot about the renovations. I don't think it has to do with the lawsuit.

"I'd keep finding new trails at the Reservoir."

Same here. I found a bunch yesterday. I guess, when you're riding between Farmington Ave and Rt44 for many hours you see new things. haha

Brendan said...

I'm guess with what I was shown last week, you could probably get a get five six miles just staying on top of the ridge.

I rode Case on Sunday. I don't get lost any more and I'm able to almost always find the awesome trail that runs from the power lines to the reservoir (I think it's named after Al Tinti). Sadly, I also have a hard time finding the fun singletrack unless I start from Birch Mountain Road.