Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Borrow someone's GPS?

When you live somewhere for awhile, you figure out the cool ways to get around- on foot, bike, car, canoe, etc. This usually works because you figure cool places and then start devising way to link these things. I think this is why it's fun to ride a 'cross bike. You can leave from your house, ride 30-40 miles with pavement, singletrack, hiking, dirt roads, etc. and get to link it all together in the best way you can. That's the goal with The Eels and that's usually the goal when I go for a ride. I think it is also part of The Snails' mission statement.

However, the GPS-less like me have to resort to narratives and poorly made things in Google Maps if they want to describe these routes to anyone. I think it'd be really cool if I/we/someone could make a compendium of fun on and off road rides around here. USGS terrains maps can be helpful, but I don't have very good access to those. I've added a new link section of what might be helpful trail systems around here and if you can be creative by combining those with Google Maps.

I don't know what. What do you think?


Mark said...

Do you have an iPhone or Android? There is an app for that (GPS).

Brendan said...

Nope. I have a sony W760a. No apps.

Ninjarich said...

I'd love to learn some of the hidden fun areas that are MTB accessible in the area, now that I've got a bike that won't fall apart on me. I've been combing your previous posts for 'em, and wouldn't mind joining some scouting or refresher rides.