Friday, May 28, 2010

Calling you back to action

If you read the Courant, check out Rick Green's column today. It takes a much dimmer view than the positive rumors I've been hearing lately about trail closure at the Reservoir. It also makes mention to public hearings, to which we all must go.

If you live in a member town, you have commissioners who are appointed by your city council. There are also commissioners who are appointed by the legislature and the government. While not elected, these commissioners are supposed to be accountable to us, so we need to let them know what we think. Here's a list of the commissioners. In checking the agendas, I don't see anything yet about any ordinance changes pertaining to mountain biking.

Maybe we should be like Salem and make plans to move to a libertarian state like New Hampshire.


Ninjarich said...

I spoke on the phone with Kristine Shaw, the District Clerk of the MDC. She has offered to forward any correspondence regarding the issue to the MDC Board Members of your choice, as well as the MDC lawyers, as some of them do not possess e-mail.

Her e-mail is

Ms. Schleppi Longstocking said...

Thanks for posting this. I am not sure which is more shocking to me -- that someone ran into a BRIGHT YELLOW GATE and subsequently won a lawsuit, or that there are lawyers without email. Even my parents have email. Yeesh!

Maybe Beat Bike Blog and some local bike organizations, maybe bike shops even, could organize a Storm the Reservoir Day on which the masses descend to bike and walk, showing the desire to keep the area open. We could all even sign waivers saying we won't sue if we get sunburns.

Ninjarich said...

I was thinking of doing a beginner-friendly outing at the Res next weekend anyways, let's do it up.

kanishka said...

speaking of nh. buses are mostly non-existent in new hampshire. and they only function to shuttle people from new hampshire to boston. there's a pretty awesome train that passes through the coast...

the seacoast part of new hampshire is apparently really liked by cyclists. 18 mile stretch of road hugging the beach. at least people like to dish out on expensive bikes to show off passing by the beach

overall, towns are a little closer together, which makes biking nicer, but the lack of intermodal options, means its kind of slow getting aroudn seomtiems

i've often though of hartford as boring, but new hampshire really is sparse in terms of anything at all going on/things to do.