Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Cross Posting

With the help of digital photography and insomnia, I present to you a few of my pictures from Sunday's race. First of all, mad props to Brendan and everyone else who made this happen. The weather was fantastic, the course was sweet, the turnout was great. I was kinda bummed about not getting my ghettofabbed slimstyle dropbar 96er together in time for the race until I saw how ridiculously outclassed I would have been. I did see at least one racer rocking sneakers and platform pedals, so I wouldn't have been alone in that regard. The Riverside Park area has always been a great place to ride (except perhaps when flooded) and it was a strong setting for this inaugural race.

I started spectating in some of the more open and visible areas near the boathouse before shadowing the course on foot and hiking up to the top of the big climb. It wasn't long, however before I was drawn to the woods. This was my favorite part of the course. The ground had a nice mix of firm and muddy bits, and the racers would spread out a bit more. Here it felt much more like rider versus terrain than the frantic jockeying for position that took place elsewhere. This is not to say the riders slacked off in the woods by any means, there was just something more swift and quiet about it, like locomotives in a snowstorm.

Maybe it was just the lack of spectators in this section... Anyway, it was pretty freaking cool, especially the area around the bridge.

From there it was back along the river and back out into the open, where glory and swag awaited the victors.


Mark said...

I was wondering if I could throw some of these pix up on CT NEMBA's blog? I will of course give credit.

Wish I could have been there but something came up that I had to take care of on Sunday.

Awesome turn out!

Brendan said...

Damn. Good pictures, Chris.

Interstatement said...

CT NEMBA is welcome to these pictures and their share of aforementioned mad props.


Mark said...

Thanks Chris. Can't wait to see them all - darn firewall at works thinks they are porn, well maybe they are considered bikeporn, and I can't see them. I found some other blogs around with HTFD Cross pix that I am going to snag. Does anyone have GPS data for the course? I would like to map that as well.

Kerri said...

Great pics!
Why didn't you race with your cargo bike?