Friday, October 9, 2009

A few items for consideration

  1. >I don't want to get shot this weekend. Once again, I'm returning to Vermont. I don't usually go during hunting season. VMBA advised to wear orange or red and not ride where people are hunting a lot. VT Fish & Wildlife says that you can hunt within like ten feet of a road. Much of the land where I go in Glover is posted no hunting. However, the people who own it can hunt there and might do that. I plan to stay on roads, but some of those roads are pretty quiet and I've seen blinds near them. Any advice? Only ride at Kingdom Trails, where hunting isn't a concern?
  2. Why wouldn't you want to say hi me? I'm a nice guy and look non-threatening on a bike. Last night, though, I had like a half dozen unreturned greetings at the Reservoir. I'm hurt. At the onset of the ride, there was a nice guy with whom I was leap frogging picking up blow down from the recent high winds. There weren't over the top or anything. Just "hey" to someone who's oncoming or someone whom I'm passing.
  3. Chris is at Interbike in Providence. Cool, eh? He's also spreading the word about Hartford 'Cross. He better write up something cool for us.
  4. Speaking of Hartford 'Cross. If you come day of with a usable part or tool for the Urban League, the $5 surcharge'll be waived.
I have no plans to run in the marathon.


Mark said...

Do you mean bike part or bike tool? What is the Urban League?

kerri said...

You should probably specify that you mean the non-human variety of tool, otherwise you'll end up with a wheelbarrow full of people's ex-boyfriends.

Anonymous said...

How about a write up on the Urban League bike shop? The article from the Courant on their website is a little short on info. It also made it sound like it was just up and running for the summer.

Billy O' said...

I'll suggest contacting some New Haven area shops, like the Devil's Gear, Amity Cycles, and College Street Cycles. I don't know if there's much of a 'Cross population in NH (I've never done it, myself), but I bet you would scare up a few entrants! I've already posted a link to Elm City Cycling mailing list . . .

Brendan said...

@Mark, et al.

From the Urban League's website:

The Urban League of Greater Hartford, Inc. is an affiliate of the National Urban League. Founded in 1964 by Rachel Milton, Marion Hepburn Grant, Dr. James S. Peters II, Judge Norris O'Neill and Olcott Smith, the Urban League is a community based not-for-profit. It is one of the largest direct social services agencies in New England. The Urban League provides services in the areas of Education, Employment and Training, and Economic Enrichment.

The Mission of the Urban League

Promote the self-empowerment of individuals in the Connecticut Capital Region to achieve educational, occupational and economic equality for themselves and their families.

Our Values

* Focused on helping people in need change their lives
* Committed to personal and team accountability for excellence
* Committed to creating and delivering innovative solutions
* Caring, respectful and honest in all that we do
* We teach what we value, and we live what we teach

I plan to do a write up soon. I mean part or tool. They're lacking in both.

Ex-boyfriends end up in wheelbarrows? I thought wheelbarrows are for dirt or WCW's poems.