Monday, October 26, 2009

Hartford crossed

Hartford's motto is post nubila phoebus, which means "after the clouds, sun". I suppose that's true pretty much everywhere except those strange cities in the northwest. Luckily for the race yesterday, the cloud part was on Saturday and the sun part was Sunday. We had incredibly beautiful weather, but more than adequate mud to make things cyclocrossish. For those reasons, we had way more people than I anticipated. Like I was hoping for around 100-120, but 180 showed up. The C race had 53 entrants.

I took a break from the hectic registration table and enterred the C race. I had a really strong (for me) start and finally got a chance to ride the course. After the first lap, I think I may have been in the top 10. Then my deraileur caught a stick and messed everything up. So, I sadly DNF'd.

So, thanks to Melissa, Johanna, Art, Jonathan, Jason, Ben (x2), Sean, Chris, Craig, and everybody else who lent a hand. Also, to the sponsors: Ghostship, Central Wheel, Hooker Brewing and REI.

Oh, if anybody has good pictures, send them to me. I took a grand total of one. It's not even a good one.


Ben said...

happy to help out, thanks to newington bike as well for the box of awesome schwag and to the ccba board for supporting the event!

Ben said...

and CTNEMBA!!!!

skullhead said...

Any results yet? (maybe the officials figured out where things went wrong and actually were able to find where I placed?) Thanks for putting together such a great event! The course was super fun and we couldn't have had a better day. Can't wait for next year's!

-Ghostship Matt

Brendan said...

I'll get the results up tonight. I was too tired last night.