Thursday, March 20, 2014

Finally, some excitement

I wish I had more to write about lately, but there hasn't been a lot happening on the bike front. I suppose that may still be true, but some excitement has been happening while riding my bike. Yesterday, I was riding west on Asylum to a thing at the law school to learn how to sign up for the bar. As I crossed Atwood, over by the hospital, I hear what sounded like someone driving on a flat tire. I looked down Atwood and that was happening and they were driving pretty quickly. My first thought was that it was like a car chase in a movie. I guess I have good instinct for that, because a couple seconds after the flat tired Accord made an intense right on to Asylum (though slowing down not to run me over) two cruisers zoomed by. Interestingly, they seemed much less concerned with the guy on the bike or the people getting on and off the bus. Then, lots and lots and lots more police cars, SUVs and motorcycles came by in the general direction of the Accord heading down Gillette. 

It seems that the police sort of thought that the car was involved in a homicide, but it wasn't. I guess the car was stolen, but it seems that the chase was triggered by the car no slowing down enough for a speed trap. Also, apparently, they hit an officer's hand with their car. The story seems pretty weird and it just seemed like those involved wanted to have a car chase with their lunch yesterday.

Today, I had to ride to school a different route because the bomb squad had been deployed. Asylum Hill has been under siege.

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