Monday, March 24, 2014

Cyclocross for cars

I like cars. The reason I prefer bikes is that you generally can't drive cars in cool ways on public roads like you can ride bikes. Same goes for the woods. Sometimes, however, people put cones in big parking lots and you get to do this car cyclocross called autocross. I've wanted to try it for a long time, but, well, no one has been offering me use of a smaller car than the giant one I drive.

My dad likes cars and decided to sign himself and me up for the Fairfield County Sports Car Club's rookie autocross thing last weekend. It was awesome. It makes you better at driving. I highly recommend it. And since you can't do a thing with gopro'ing it, here's a video of me driving poorly.

Salem's totally going to say, "Stop copying me!"


Interstatement said...

I autocrossed my friend's '62 Mercury Comet in Hartford a few years ago:
It was a lot of fun. I only got one run, as a front hub cracked as I was doing the run in the video and he didn't have a spare (who expects a hub to crack apart?) People were really cool and encouraging considering we were in such a non-sporting car.

BTW, rallycross, which also looks like fun, is probably more like cyclocross for cars.

Brendan said...

When I think of rallycross, though, I think of this: That's BMX for cars. Although, I suppose it's usually just in a muddy parking lot without all the jumps.

Our claim to fame that day was that we were the only diesel.