Thursday, September 26, 2013


I've been 30 for about a week and boy do I feel old. Last night, I was angry at the dehumidifier for shutting off randomly, so I kicked it and the free hub broke yesterday on the snake bike, so I got a ride home from Johanna.

Now that I'm old, I suppose that my joints are going to start aching and I'm going to require a lot of Bengay. For example, I was riding in Vermont this road that heretofore had always been open, but someone had run an electric fence wire across it. Since wires and gravel are the same color, even with the help of my glasses (further indication that I'm old) I hit the wire about went over the bars. My shoulder was stiff for a week. The reason I was riding there is because I'm a member of the Craftsbury Outdoor Center, which in the last few years has developed some pretty good singletrack. I joined it. The trails are more difficult than Kingdom Trails and I can ride to them from Glover. Also, I can ski there in the winter. They have rowing stuff, too, but I haven't seen any canoes, only those fast, tippy boats.

Since I haven't written a real blog post in a long time, I can also tell you about riding the Dirty 40. It was low key, cheap and a lot of fun. It got Salem out of retirement. He finished 10th and I finished 35th. He's still way better than me. Todd Bowden won. At cyclocross practice last week, Todd Bowden did not lap me. That was a big victory for me.

Another thing that has nothing to do with getting old, but is a cool secret thing that I've been doing is riding at Nathan Hale in between a class I'm taking in Storrs and when I have to be back for my Admiralty office hours at the law school. In that vein, does anyone know a good sandwich place near 44 in the Storrs/Coventry area? Highland Park is sort of expensive.

So, this is my return to the beat bike blog after a month or so. No great insights.


Anonymous said...

If you want a good sandwich, check out the Corner Store on South Street in Coventry. You're welcome in advance

Tony C said...

Hey old fella. You racing in Providence this weekend? Now that you've been practicing and all.

Brendan said...

I'm cleaning the river. Don't you read the blog?

Tony C said...

Hmmm. Reading is hard.