Monday, August 12, 2013

Stuff no one will steal

At one point, I was a man who had nothing made by Campagnolo. Then, I bought this old raincoat off of eBay. Now that I'm rich, I've bought actual Campy components (from the 1990s). They're pretty good.

I still use my mediocre raincoat. Last Friday for instance, I wore it and only got 96% soaked on the way to work. There's a coat rack next to the bike racks in the parking garage and I left the coat there, forgetting about it when I left on Friday afternoon. I remembered before I left for work that I left it there and then when I got there, it was still there. Well, looks like Campy isn't attractive to thieves as you think it would be. Better not leave my SRAM raincoat, though, might not be so lucky next.

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